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Part of our process is education; we like visitors to our website and patients to understand the procedures and practices involved in their visits. This way, they know what to expect from each visit, and they appreciate the quality of the results and care they receive at Weirton Medical Center.

Our mission to you is to achieve natural, long-lasting results for your face and body, and to help you attain the confidence you deserve from your new appearance, whether it's due to a subtle change or a more dramatic one.
Please use the links to the right to select the area of the face or body that concerns you, and read through the descriptions of the procedures, preparations and post-surgical care. If you want to contact Dr. Oser to arrange a consulation, you can send an e-mail via this website, or you can call the office at 724.941.8111, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.