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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Childbirth, multiple pregnancies, genetics and age can contribute to excess skin of the labia of the vagina. Often times patients complain of pain during intercourse or of a difficulty maintaining good hygiene. Vaginal rejuvenation resolves these issues by eliminating excess skin resulting in a natural, more youthful shape and appearance.


The cosmetic consultation with Dr. Oser is an important step in the process of considering aesthetic surgery. He and his staff are committed to helping you become well informed about the actual process of preparing for vaginal rejuvenation. Feel free to ask any questions and to let us know how we can help you throughout the process.

Dr Oser will spend time with you discussing your wishes and desires. He will examine you and give you his professional opinion about how to best achieve your goals and will work with you to determine whether you are a good candidate for vaginal rejuvenation. Other services may be recommended in combination with this service to be sure that you have an optimal surgical result and a wonderful surgical experience.

Preparation Before your Procedure

Three weeks prior to and three weeks after your surgery, try to limit your alcohol and tobacco intake. Two weeks prior to and two weeks after your surgery, do not take medication that may thin your blood such as aspirin or Ibuprofen products.

The Day of Your Procedure

Please refrain from wearing makeup, contact lenses, hairpins, jewelry, body lotion or perfume. Wear comfortable clothing. If you develop a cold, sore throat, fever or any symptoms of illness before your surgery, notify the office.

Please prepare to have a responsible adult available to provide transportation after your procedure and have arrangements made for any necessary assistance you may require for the following 24 hours. If you are a minor, a parent or guardian must accompany you.


Labia reduction procedure is performed in our state-of-the-art surgery center. The labia reduction procedure is relatively pain free. Small incisions are made to remove any excess tissue or to even the edges of the labia minora. After surgery, sensations in the labia minora are normal and occasionally enhanced. The results of labioplasty are symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing labia minora.


Just as everyone is an individual, everyone recovers differently. Avoiding sexual intercourse or the use of tampons is recommended for a couple of weeks following surgery.


While results may vary, vaginal rejuvenation can make a dramatic change in not only your appearance but also your day-to-day life. Many patients enjoy an increase in self-confidence, increased hygiene, and find a new enjoyment in wearing their clothes.