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Breast Augmentation

How you feel about your body is very important in maintaining self-confidence and happiness. Negative perceptions of breast size and shape can be a source of personal dissatisfaction, robbing you of feeling good, desirable and normal. Breast augmentation or enlargement can help you achieve the body and image that you desire and give you the confidence you deserve.

For many years, doctors have searched for techniques to make it difficult to detect this procedure. Dr. Oser has improved and refined these minimally invasive techniques. By using a short-scar technique, you can confidently enhance your breast size with little or no scarring. This technique leaves a virtually seamless result, in which most people will be unable to detect the signs of your surgery.


Dr. Oser and his staff are committed to helping you become well informed about the actual process of preparing for breast augmentation. Breast enhancement is a very private matter. Feel free to ask any questions and to let us know how we can help you throughout the process. Other services may be recommended in combination with this service to be sure that you have an optimal surgical result.

Types of Breast Implants 

A breast implant is a silicone shell filled with either silicone gel or a salt-water solution known as saline. Silicone implants were banned by the FDA in 1992 and were off the market until late 2006 except for patients who participated in a study, leaving only saline implants available to the public-at-large. Implant manufacturers such as Mentor have begun working to develop new silicone breast implants to meet the specifications given to them by the FDA.

Breast implants come in different shapes as well, moderate and high profile. Moderate profile breast implants have been used for over 30 years, and offer a full, round look that adds greater dimension to the chest. The high profile breast implants have become increasingly popular in breast augmentations because they provide a greater amount of projection to breasts on a narrower chest.


ACTIVITY: You will take a short (two hour) nap after surgery and then resume normal non-strenuous activities. You may raise your arms above shoulders as needed. No vigorous activity for at least the first three weeks. When you do resume this activity, you should always wear a sports bra. You may drive a car and do light housework 24 hours after your general anesthesia if you feel up to it.

POSITION: Keep yourself propped up on a couple of pillows while resting to help reduce swelling. You may sleep in any comfortable position.

POST-OPERATIVE VISITS: You will visit our office one to four days after the surgery to be evaluated and receive a breast stabilizer if your implants are under the muscle. You will receive additional instructions at that time regarding post-operative care. All your sutures are under the skin and no suture removal is required. You may have steristrips or specialized tape on your incisions. Leave this closure alone until instructed to remove the steristrips or tape.

DRESSINGS: The bra and ace wrap serve as the dressing to prevent initial bleeding. Try to keep the ace wrap over the breasts like a tube top until instructed to remove it. We want you to wear a bra at all times for one week. After two weeks, you may sleep without the bra. You should not go braless during the day for two weeks after surgery. No underwire bras for three months.

SHOWERING AND BATHING: You will be instructed by the recovery room staff when to remove the wraps and shower.

VITAMINS: Take vitamin E (400 units) twice a day for six to eight weeks, starting after seven days.

EXPOSURE TO SUNLIGHT: Scars take at least one year to fade completely. During this time, you must protect them from the sun. Even through a bathing suit, a good deal of sunlight can reach the skin and cause damage. Wear a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 at all times when in the sunshine. Be extremely careful if areas of your breast skin have reduced sensitivity. No tanning nude breasts for one year, and no sunbathing or tanning for two weeks.

SWELLING: During the first four weeks, your breasts will sit up high and feel hard after which the breast implants will slowly start to settle. In general, swelling lasts for a total of six to eight weeks.

LIFTING: No lifting anything over five pounds for the first week, ten pounds for the second week and 15 pounds for the third week.

EXERCISE: You may take gentle walks the day of surgery, go out to dinner, walk around the mall etc. Do not return to aerobic exercise for two weeks. After your first appointment you will be instructed to perform breast "massages" for two months after surgery.


While results may vary, patients typically enjoy youthful, more comfortable breasts that are in better proportion to their figure. Many patients see a new, more pleasing shape to the breasts and feel an increase in self-confidence.

Your physician may recommend complementary services to maximize your desired result. These may include a breast lift, tummy tuck or liposuction.