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Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) is a very common condition in men. It can result in terrible embarrassment, teasing, and social trauma. Many will try to hide it with thick shirts, avoid bare chest activities, and withdraw from public exposure.

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Breast Augmentation

How you feel about your body is very important in maintaining self-confidence and happiness. Negative perceptions of breast size and shape can be a source of personal dissatisfaction, robbing you of feeling good, desirable and normal. Breast augmentation or enlargement can help you achieve the body and image that you desire and give you the confidence you deserve.

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Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipple(s) are often a common problem found in women and to a lesser degree in men. Nipple inversion can be caused by many factors, but is usually due to shortened breast ducts, which do not grow and stretch at the same rate as the breast. This results in an inverted appearance of the nipple. Treatment is simple and safe. Correction can be performed under local anesthesia often in less than 15 minutes. Patients report minimal to no discomfort following this procedure.

Arm Lift

Like other body lifts, an arm lift removes excess fatty tissue and skin. The results are taut, attractive arms, and the confidence to wear short sleeves or tank tops again. A good candidate for an arm lift is one who recently lost weight and has excess skin on the inner and outer arm areas. Liposuction may be used to enhance result.

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Breast Reduction

Sometimes the breasts are too large and cumbersome, making common tasks more difficult than they need to be or causing chronic shoulder, neck and back pain. Over-developed breasts may make some women appear out of shape and overweight or limit their participation in certain activities and exercises. This often results in embarrassment or self-consciousness.

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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Due to several factors such as pregnancy, time and weight fluctuations, breasts naturally begin to lose firmness and shape. A breast lift can restore your breasts with a firm, youthful appearance, making you feel younger, more attractive and more like yourself. New, minimally invasive techniques have made this operation more popular than ever before.  Dr Oser may recommend additional services such as breast augmentation to maximize your desired result.

Breast Reconstruction

Although breast cancer can be a devastating experience, the option of reconstruction can improve your mental outlook. The multitude of reconstructive techniques utilizing your own body's tissue or implants can give natural results which restores a women's sense of wholeness and confidence. This can facilitate the physical and psychological healing processes so you can resume your daily activities, relationships, and get back to enjoying life.

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